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I was working the local election recently and needed to be at the precinct at 5 am. It was going to be a very long day, I would not be getting home until about 7 pm. So I was loading things into my car before 4:00 am with food and other items needed for the day. When I accidentally locked my keys in the car! My first thought was that I would have to call a locksmith! But soon realized that I probably would not be able to get one to come out at that hour and even if they did, I would still be late for work. I saw the Anytime Locksmith Services listing on google but really didn’t have the heart to call someone at 4:00 am. I called a co worker and had him pick me pick to go to work. Once at work I waited until about 9:30 am to call Anytime Locksmith Services. Ben answered right away. He was available to go to my home and unlock my car! We were trying to figure out where we could hide the keys where no one would think to look for them. If found, someone would have access to not only my car but my house too. That’s when Ben asked where I was working. When I told him the location, Ben immediately suggested that he bring them to me! It also made it convenient for me to pay him with my card and the square on his phone! This was above and beyond!!! All of this took place in less than an hour from my phone call!!! Amazing service and just a real nice guy! Reasonable prices too. He will get all of my future business! (I call myself a “frequent flyer”, always losing or locking keys in the house or something) And I highly recommend Ben and Anytime Locksmith Services! Ben is sensitive and sympathetic to your needs and willing to help a person out. I wish all businesses and their owners would be like Ben.


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