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Highly recommend! Ben, the owner, is wonderful. He is very responsive and does high quality work for a reasonable price. He was the only locksmith who answered for an 8pm emergency. Anytime Locksmith is awesome!


Previous Client
My husband and I were locked out of our beautiful Buick Roadmaster hearse we had just purchased. It was running and locked up tight. Ben was here within 20 minutes and our hearse open in five minutes. Thank you so much! We highly recommend him and perfect, courteous service.


Previous Client
Ben was so kind and helpful. He arrived in less than 10 minutes on a Sunday morning and saved the day! I will recommend Anytime Locksmith to everyone. Thanks again!


Previous Client
I locked myself & my cat out of the house after 10 PM at night! Ben, the Locksmith, was here within 20 minutes. He is calm, quick, knowledgeable, helpful, and polite. And his prices are very reasonable. I would recommend him to any of my friends and acquaintances.


Previous Client
After my husband locked his keys in his truck, I called and a few minutes later I received a text asking me what they could help me with. Once he arrived he had my husbands truck unlocked in a minute. Very friendly and professional!! Would definitely recommend!!


Previous Client
My daughter locked her keys in her truck leaving school the other night. After calling other places that said they couldn't come or it was out of there area, Anytime Locksmiths were there to help within 10 minutes. Very helpful and courteous


Previous Client
Oh yes, they are fast, reliable, and courteous. Most of all affordable. I don't recommend you break your key in the door like I did.... but if you do call Anytime Locksmith Services.

Clara R.

Previous Client
If you ever need an adept and professional locksmith you've found the RIGHT guy! Ben came to help me at a business after hours and saved me!!! No one else would even travel the 35 minutes to come out to help. Ben is a rockstar!!! Timely, efficient, professional and affordable!!

Robin H.

Previous Client
I was working the local election recently and needed to be at the precinct at 5 am. It was going to be a very long day, I would not be getting home until about 7 pm. So I was loading things into my car before 4:00 am with food and other items needed for the day. When I accidentally locked my keys in the car! My first thought was that I would have to call a locksmith! But soon realized that I probably would not be able to get one to come out at that hour and even if they did, I would still be late for work. I saw the Anytime Locksmith Services listing on google but really didn't have the heart to call someone at 4:00 am. I called a co worker and had him pick me pick to go to work. Once at work I waited until about 9:30 am to call Anytime Locksmith Services. Ben answered right away. He was available to go to my home and unlock my car! We were trying to figure out where we could hide the keys where no one would think to look for them. If found, someone would have access to not only my car but my house too. That's when Ben asked where I was working. When I told him the location, Ben immediately suggested that he bring them to me! It also made it convenient for me to pay him with my card and the square on his phone! This was above and beyond!!! All of this took place in less than an hour from my phone call!!! Amazing service and just a real nice guy! Reasonable prices too. He will get all of my future business! (I call myself a "frequent flyer", always losing or locking keys in the house or something) And I highly recommend Ben and Anytime Locksmith Services! Ben is sensitive and sympathetic to your needs and willing to help a person out. I wish all businesses and their owners would be like Ben.

Linda P.

Previous Client
When I called they said they'd be there in 15min and I believe the guy actually got there in 10. He was extremely nice, professional, as also really quick. I think it only took him about maybe 5min to get my truck open. Ive actually never had a locksmith get done as quickly as he did without struggling at all. Definitely will be my go to for locksmith from now on!

Alicia F.

Previous Client
Ben was very nice. He worked efficiently and went beyond the service requested, making sure my locks worked well. I will use him again if I need further service.

Marylou H.

Previous Client
The gentleman who arrived was incredibly kind, quick and professional. I hope I don't lock my keys in my car again.. but if I do they will definitely be my first call. Thanks again!

Jo V.

Previous Client
When my fiancée and I bought our new house, we only received keys for one out of the four locks on the house, so it wasn't long before we got locked out. Ben helped us and was extremely helpful, kind, and professional. He was here in 20 minutes and speedily rekeyed all four locks onto one key, all for a reasonable fee. He worked especially quickly because he was concerned about an older woman who had just called and was locked out of her car: Ben clearly cares about his customers. He even offered to stop by later in the week to fix a hard-to-close door. Highly recommended!

Shaun E.

Memorial Day...went out onto the patio to enjoy the weather...and the lock dropped on our sliding glass door when we closed it and locked us out. Called Ben and he was at our home within 15 minutes! Not only did he get us back into our home, he took the time to rekey all of our locks so one-key fits all and replace an old, cheap, door knob that was causing us problems. He was in and out in 20 minutes and totally took care of us. Highly recommend Anytime locksmith and Ben. Great guy...great service!!

Michelle B.

Previous Client
Ben the locksmith was awesome! I was having a DAY. After locking my keys in my car, I also somehow managed to get a fan jammed in a window of my house. Not only did he quickly get my keys out of my car, but he also helped me unjam the fan from the window! Turned my night around! Thanks, Ben!

Sydney H.

Previous Client
They came out in 8 degree weather on Valentine's Day night after we got locked out of our house, got the door open, put on a new knob, and re-keyed it to match our existing deadbolt...and the whole process took less than one hour. Amazing, friendly service; the quality of work was excellent; and they were so fast! You can tell they really value their customers...I highly recommend Anytime Locksmith Service!

Jennifer B.

Previous Client
My mom locked us out of the car as we were trying to enjoy the nice weather at the quiet park. I called and they gave an ETA. The locksmith was right on time and very patient with me as I tried to guide him to where we were located in the park. He was very polite, very efficient, professional, and charged a very fair price! It took less than a minute to get us unlocked. I'm grateful and appreciative of the excellent service and would recommend them to anyone in the area!

Zen L.

Previous Client
Just moved in to a new house and there were 3 lock sets all with different keys. I wanted all the locks re-keyed to match and Ben was at my house less than 2 hours later! He re-keyed a total of 6 locks, fixed the doorknobs that were a little loose, fixed the deadbolts so they operated smoothly and fixed the doorknobs to prevent me from accidentally locking myself out. I would recommend Anytime Locksmith LLC hands down to anyone needing high quality, professional locksmith services done at a very reasonable cost! Extremely pleased with everything he did. The locks operate like they're brand new!

Lawrence W.

Previous Client
Finding a locksmith that's available 24 hours is very difficult to find anymore, until now. My key ring that contains my house, car and company keys unknowingly fell out of my pocket on to the floorboard and I locked my 10 PM. I called Anytime Locksmith Services and the gentleman that answered the phone was very professional and kind. The locksmith, Benjamin, showed up 20 minutes later as he happened to be in the area and had the car unlocked in less than 2 minutes. Benjamin, was also very professional and kind as well. If you need help, give them a call. The prices are very fair, and they take care of you. Thank you very much for taking care of us goofs that lock ourselves out at all hours of the day.

GianMaria V.

Previous Client
Realized I locked my keys in my car around 10pm on a Thursday night. He happily drove thirty minutes to unlock my car, and was very professional. He even recommended a place to get cheap spare keys made! I'm very happy with the service provided. Thank you!

Fallon H.

Previous Client
Ben came to our house quickly when we accidentally jammed our key in our old doorknob. He replaced our doorknob for a reasonable price and was able to get our keys out of the jammed door without breaking anything. Thanks, Ben!

Rachel W.

Previous Client
called just before 7pm on a Sunday night. I don't know any other locksmith that would be open let alone answering the phone on a weekend night so I was relieved when I found this company via Google. Within 20 minutes of hanging up the phone they were at my door assessing the situation. Not even 10 minutes later and I was in my house. They arrived when they said they would, very polite and professional, thorough and precise. I will definitely be keeping their number! Thanks so much Anytime Locksmith!

Sara P.

Previous Client
Best locksmith in the area. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and fast. He was able to unlock my car quickly and safely, and it was in the middle of the night! Also, the prices are reasonable. If another locksmith says they will charge you less, they probably don't know what they are doing!

Amy S.

Previous Client
This was the best experience we have had with a locksmith! They were very kind on the phone and understanding of what we needed. The were at our home in less than 40 minutes. We were extremely pleased with our experience and would recommend them to anyone!

Kayle S.

Previous Client
My house is for sale and someone stole the key box off the door. Ben changed the locks and coordinated the exchange of the new keys with my realtor the same day that I called. The price was very reasonable as well. This was a huge help since I have moved out of town and had open houses scheduled. 100% would hire again!

Sam B.

Previous Client
I locked my keys in my car when I got to work and by the time I got off it was about 10 at night. They were here in 10 minutes and got me into my car in about 2 minutes. Very happy with how quickly they were able to get me back in my car!

Katelyn M.

Previous Client

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